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OUR STORYMERCHANDISE |  CONTACT US says:”Recalling the sonics of music from decades prior, “Places You Go” has echoes of bands like the Cure or New Order, but with a modern twist. To me, it sounds a bit like if Matt Berninger of the National joined legendary LA-based New Wavers the Motels, with a laconic vocal backed by a snappy beat and fat synth lines. And to me, there’s nothing wrong with that!”

WXPN (The Key) says: The song (“It All Comes Back to You”) has a miles-deep atmosphere of layered synths and drum machines that sucks you in while the love and empathy of the lyrics bubbles to the surface. It’s enveloping and all-encompassing, sending you deep in the same way The Church’s “Under the Milkyway Tonight” sends you into orbit.

Austin Town Hall: There are some brands of music that seem wholly set in their certain place in time; they seem to live in a moment, rather that making pop that transcends time…but not so with Remote Places. Sure, there are hints of hauntology, looking back at the club hits of the 80s, but the shimmering guitars and spinning melodies make the track perfectly vital in today’s time frame; it fits anywhere; it’s good anywhere, timeless.